Soul Spray

Soul Spray

Like a spa day for the soul, this spray is grounding yet uplifting. Eucalyptus and peppermint make this the perfect shower spray! Great for a post workout refresh, or any time your soul needs a little love.

What's inside?
šŸ’™ Peppermint - cooling, antiseptic, reduces inflammation, optimistic + buoyant

šŸƒ Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory, mild analgesic properties, liberated + encouraged

šŸŒæ Rosemary - detoxifying, encourages lymphatic drainage, enlightened

šŸŠ Tangerine - stimulates collagen production, delays aging process, lighthearted + joyful

šŸ’§ Blended with distilled water.

Spray on yourself or your surroundings as often as needed.