Boost Diffuser Blend

Boost Diffuser Blend

Formulated to be safe for everyone (including babies) - Boost will give your immune system a leg up to stay well during cold and flu season. Got a cold already? Boost will help you heal faster so don't be afraid to lather it on.

What's inside?
šŸ¤Ž Frankincense - strengthens immune system, increases the activity of leukocytes defending the body against infection, helps oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands

šŸŠ Orange - strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, boosts immune system, works as a stimulant and tonic for the body

šŸ‹ Litsea - strong antioxidant, supports respiratory and immune system, supports healthy cellular + nervous system functions

šŸŒ² Cedarwood - aids immune system due to its natural ability to lower stress

šŸŒ² Copaiba - reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, alleviates sore joints and muscles, strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, powerful antioxidant supporting the immune, nervous, and digestive systems

šŸŒ¹ Rose - rich in antioxidants, promotes strong healthy skin cells which creates a barrier preventing infection, benefits the mood, emotions, heart, stomach, liver, reproductive system, blood, nerves and skin

šŸ“5ml pure essential oils

Add few drops to the diffuser, refill your sprays at home, add to your homemade soaps and cleaners, use with diffuser jewelry and so much more! One drop goes a long way.