Boost Roller Blend

Boost Roller Blend

Formulated to be safe for everyone (including babies) - Boost will give your immune system a leg up to stay well during cold and flu season. Got a cold already? Boost will help you heal faster so don't be afraid to lather it on.

What's inside?
šŸ¤Ž Frankincense - strengthens immune system, increases the activity of leukocytes defending the body against infection, helps oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands

šŸŠ Orange - strong antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, boosts immune system, works as a stimulant and tonic for the body

šŸ‹ Litsea - strong antioxidant, supports respiratory and immune system, supports healthy cellular + nervous system functions

šŸŒ² Cedarwood - aids immune system due to its natural ability to lower stress

šŸŒ² Copaiba - reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, alleviates sore joints and muscles, strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, powerful antioxidant supporting the immune, nervous, and digestive systems

šŸŒ¹ Rose - rich in antioxidants, promotes strong healthy skin cells which creates a barrier preventing infection, benefits the mood, emotions, heart, stomach, liver, reproductive system, blood, nerves and skin

šŸ„„ Blended with coconut oil.

Roll on to neck and throat (lymphnodes), chest, wrists + feet as often as needed.