Grow Spray

Grow Spray

Formulated with 9 essential oils this spray packs a big punch. This will be your new favorite step in your hair care routine. The lightweight formula allows you to use it generously whenever you see fit.

What's inside?
πŸ’œ Lavender - soothing, regenerative and anti-bacterial

🀎 Frankincense - restorative, uplifting and healing

πŸƒRosemary - fights hair loss, prevents dandruff and stimulates growth

πŸ’™ Peppermint - cooling, increases circulation which helps promote hair growth

🌼Ylang ylang - prevents breakage and stimulates growth

🌲 Cedarwood - reduces hair loss and promotes healthy scalp

🍊 Orange - detoxifying, energizing and renewing

πŸƒ Clary Sage - improves hair strength, prevents breakage

🌿 Thyme - stimulates scalp, promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss

πŸ’§ Blended with distilled water.

Mist generously throughout hair and scalp to encourage growth, soothe, and invigorate.